A Call for Action

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Learn and Contribute to United Sovereign Americans. They are fighting for Legal Elections. Question??---Has America had a “legal” election in recent years. Learn and Get Involved for a 2024 Legal Election. Every Tuesday night at 7pm join in our public call.

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Every Tuesday night at 7pm join in our public call to learn how you can contribute to this movement to save our country. United Sovereign Americans is determined to file civil rights litigation in state after state, demanding that the state and federal law be followed in the 2024 election. On June 18, Attorney Bruce Castor Jr. filed in Pennsylvania on behalf of United Sovereign Americans, detailing how the Commonwealth fails to adhere to laws designed to secure our sacred vote.

     ****Link to June 24,2024 Gateway Pundit PA filing****


United Sovereign Americans is taking this civil rights battle to federal court using Section 1983 and 1988 to Enforce a legally
valid accurate 2024 general election; and, hold officials personally responsible for violating our civil rights. Please visit Unite4Freedom.com to either volunteer, or to contribute to this essential mission, or both. I look forward to seeing you!


Mary Hornik
CEO, United Sovereign Americans

Tuesday at 7 pm EST/EDT Meeting link